Optimize your digital advertising cost in 50% and decrease your churn in 10% with our Machine Learning/AI API Toolkit.

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About us

Selected by JP Morgan and Endeavor as a high potential Startup.

We are putting Machine Learning and AI in every marketer and CEOs hand. Data Gran is a Toolkit of three products to develop top of the game marketing strategies and on the other hand manage/ optimize digital advertising budget across multiple channels.

Thanks to our technology we are optimizing CPC in 50%, and Decreasing customer churn in 10%.

With our products is like having a team of data scientists, a media agency and a super smart robot working 24/7 together just for you, but in a web interface.


Our products



With our AdOptimizer you can select your digital advertising objective, your channel which can be Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords or Google Display, select your budget and campaign lenght and that´s it. We will do the rest for you.

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With our Big Data Analysis you just have to upload your database, select a industry and we will automatically provide you predictive analysis like assosiation rules, Box analysis, clustering, churn, among others.

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Our OCR system allows to extract information written or handwritten, in any document and use it as information to enrich your web developments. We will provide a API so you can insert it in your code.

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Meet "The eye"


Our Machine
Learning & AI expert

Built from the ground up using AI he is a truly autonomous machine that requires no human manipulation.

"EYE" removes the complexities of modern marketing by performing many of the time-consuming,
manual tasks which humans are unable to perform at the speed and scale required for efficient and effective consumer interactions. Eye is busy continuously learning, maintaining constant optimization and analysis of your requirements.

the eye

What our clients say

Nestor Huerta Rappi Data Leader

"I really like the value proposition of your company. I beleive that without a doubt it is a good solution for companies, so congratulations"

Juliana Patiño Subway Marketing Manager

"We did with Data Gran a pilot program of one month and the results were incredible."

Gerardo Méndez Founder Ormigga

"I have an early startup and once I launched the product we started using Data Gran. I am obsessed with numbers since I have a marketing research background, so I can say that Data Gran works because I got huge amounts of traffic for the investment I did. My overall traffic went up 150% with Data Gran vs the traffic we achieved doing the ads ourselves"

Melissa Solano Founder Eurecah

"As many entrepreneurs, we started using Facebook Ads to boost sales. After a couple of months, we had to stop because our CPC was not sustainable for our business. We were spending much more from our budget than we could. DataGran optimized our CPC by 800% helping our ecommerce business reach much more people and leaving us with more time to focus on other things."

Our clients



  • Save 70% of your advertising budget.
  • Save time.
  • Increase and accelerate revenue.
  • Decrease your churn in 10%.
  • Aquire better information with our OCR.
  • We are 100% transparent.



We charge 13% on your advertising budget. That´s it.
No hidden fees.


We charge a monthly fee of 500 dollars. You can cancel the fee anytime.
No questions asked


50 dollars per month
for all the images you want to process.


Will you use my Google and Facebook ad account?
Will I have access to all of my insights?
In the Ad Optimizer, will you add your 13% fee to my lifetime budget?
Why I don´t see any traffic to my web site even though I activated my campaign?
How many days does Eye needs to train and will that take to much money from my budget?

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